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About the initiative.

What we do

We at MICE strive hard to make learning fun and interactive for students. The curriculum that we have vetted and integrated into our learning management system includes virtual lab simulations enabled directly within the internet browser of your choice.  The online courses present learners with the opportunity to engage in real-world experiences as they prepare for industry standard certification exams. 

From the instructor perspective, the learning management provides multiple courses covering Cybersecurity and Computer Science.  Each course is uniquely aligned to state standards, national frameworks, and multiple instructor resources including activities, presentations, and multiple reports to help with student achievement data.


MICE was founded in 2017, but the dream of building the initiative has been in the works for over five years as a colloboration of educators with over 75 years of combined experience.  

Over the past two years, MICE has trained over 75 teachers through quarterly train-the-trainer sessions.  MICE has presented at multiple education conferences, the Michigan State Board of Education, and to the Michigan Governor himself.  We have been actively involved in the development of Cybersecurity and Computer Science standards adoption in Michigan and partner with Cisco, Microsoft, and Amazon to support multiple nationwide education initiatives.  

Why Choose Us

MICE is built from within the K12 trenches, frankly, we get it.  Starting with a vision to build something awesomely effective targeting the current lack of training in Cybersecurity and Computer Science and technology talent gap, MICE was designed by a collaboration of K12 and post-secondary educators to build a true K12 pipeline that connects to both post-secondary institutions and business industry simultaneously.

Combined with multiple years of classroom teaching experience, MICE is highly involved in curriculum development at the state and national level, teacher training, and work-based learning opportunities both virtually and on-site.


To help narrow the talent gap in the Cybersecurity and Computer Science workforce.

To expand teacher training and student passion for technology related careers of Cybersecurity and Computer Science across our nation.

Keep students engaged, instructors on the forefront of education, and remain innovative in delivery methods.


MICE is an online education and training site focused on expanding Cybersecurity and Computer Science education throughout the United States.

Bay City, MI
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